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Homework Help: Boolean Algebra optimization question

  1. Sep 30, 2008 #1

    This is a question about a boolean "law" type behavior i've noticed in my homework a couple of times.

    Basically i can't find a boolean algebra law that permits this optimization short of using a k-map.


    So i'm just wondering if theirs some way to optimize the one equation using just boolean algebra in order to get the second one (the output of the k-map).
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    Nvm i found it in the solutions for that homework.

    It's called the "consensus theorem"


    xy' + xz' +y'z =xz' + y'z

    Had a feeling it was some obscure identity/law lol
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    OK apparently theirs two or more forms: xy + x'z + yz = xy + x'z

    found this one in a book, and matched wikipedia.
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