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Bose-Einstein-Condensate and Superposition

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    I was wondering what connections there are between the Bose Einstein Condensate (BEC) and the Superposition principle. The BEC is a collection of quantum particles that as a whole apparently follows the same rules as quantum particles, so does this mean that the superposition principle would apply. If the BEC is unobserved it will occupy multiple states, so in a sense, it is occupying multiple places until it is observed (This is how it applies for electrons correct?). Sorry I don't have all that large a background knowledge in physics as I am a beginning student. I realize it is a very complicated topic but I hope the answer doesn't have to get too technical.
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    The BEC is described by a macroscopic wavefunction, which obeys the Ginzburg Landau equation.
    However this does not necessarily mean that it is a macroscopic quantum object. Ordinary water waves are also described by a waveequation for which the superposition principle holds.
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