Medical Brain restoration

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    year old news?

    Implantation of Functionalized Thermally Gelling Xyloglucan Hydrogel Within the Brain: Associated Neurite Infiltration and Inflammatory Response

    David R. Nisbet, Andrew E. Rodda, Malcolm K. Horne, John S. Forsythe and David I. Finkelstein. Tissue Engineering Part A. September 2010, 16(9): 2833-2842. doi:10.1089/ten.tea.2009.0677.
  4. What do you think of a material that will pass through the blood-brain barrier and only then be dissolved would look like? The instances described in that article use a more invasive delivery method.
  5. Adjusting the thickness of the drug delivery capsules probably wouldn't be enough to make sure different stem cells (are 'hippocampal' stem cells really any different than, say, those in the olfactory bulb?) and different amounts of xyloglucan make it to different parts of the brain. You'd have to use different materials (that dissolve at different rates) for encapsulation.
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    Not really sure where you're coming from overall, but this is an interesting question:

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