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Building a database management system

  1. Sep 14, 2008 #1
    This semester, we have to build a database management system (DBMS) as a mini-project.

    We do have the database theory course covering database management concepts, sql and pl/sql. The project is to be done using Oracle and possibly Visual Basic for the front end and maybe a programming language for other tasks.

    Even with lab sessions, there is little hands-on database designing done, and this makes it hard for me to get an overall idea. I was thinking of using Python as the programming language (having had good experiences with it), connecting it to Oracle using cx_Oracle module.

    Again I do not know if this is the easiest or the mainstream way of doing things, googling is of little use as there are so many technologies. It is overwhelming!

    Also if I need to design a database driven website, what are the other technologies that I would need? How much web server programming is required? Unfortunately, I have no experience there.

    I'm missing the big picture here, so any clarifications, links, suggestions or books to refer to are appreciated.
    Oh, and I am always willing to learn :)
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