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Building blocks of proteins are the beta-amino acids

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    Which of the following are true ?

    (a) Proteins range from a MW from about 3,000 to 1.0e6 g/mol

    (b) Fibrous proteins are the main component of Muscle,hair and cartilage

    (c) Building blocks of proteins are the beta-amino acids

    (d) Polar amino acid side chains are hydrophobic

    (e) -COHN- is a peptide linkage

    (f) The order of amino acids in a protein chain is the primary structure

    (g) The beta sheet is a secondary structure of a protein

    (h) The overall shape of a protein, eg globular, is its tertiary structure

    I know for sure that e f h are true and most likely c and b but im not sure. which ones are true?
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    The statement that is wrong is based on a (bio)chemical property.

    If you look at this page you should see a pattern between amino acid and their propertities.
    http://folding.stanford.edu/education/AminAcid.html [Broken]
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