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C# Book for Beginner Programmer

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    My friend is currently going to be working on a project for our school where he have to start teaching himself C#. I know both of us have been looking for a book though we have not been able to find much information why one book is better than another or found a general agreement what a decent book is. I was wondering does anyone here know of a good that would be good for someone who is just learning his first programming language and is going to have to teach himself C#?
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    http://www.csharp-station.com/Tutorial.aspx [Broken]
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    I'm teaching myself from these two books:

    Pro C# and the .NET 4.0 Framework
    C# In Depth

    The first book is easy to follow from knowing nothing at all. The second book assumes knowledge and, as the title suggests, goes deep - I think it would be quite difficult if it was the only book you used.

    It's a fun language to learn, the .NET library has everything! :P
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