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C++ Compiler Pros & Cons

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    I need to write some numerical integration and do Fast Fourier transforms in c++. I am running MS OS on Intel Duo core processors. Earlier post suggested downloading libraries such as MLK. Since I am running on Intel, I have found Intel's MLK library. I will need other libraries along the way. However, before that I need to choose a C++ compiler to download.

    What are you suggestions? E.g., Intel C++ Compiler vs. MS Visual Studio 2005 vs. MS Visual Studio 2008 etc.

    Because our problem may not be solved easily in MATLAB. We're moving into C++. Thank you!
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    VS2008 compiler (version 9) has much better standard compliance than previous MS compilers. GCC always had very good optimisation because it's output format allowed link-level function optimisation. Intel's compiler should have an advantage.

    What is probably mor elikely to have a bigger effect is the libraries - especially if they are optomisedfor a particular processor. Intel used to ship different versions of it's image libs which autodetected your processor.

    You will have to do some testing to find out which is best for your app. With pipelines, cache effects and the number of possible optimisations in modern compilers you really have to test - even with different optimise flags on the same compiler.
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