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Homework Help: C=f(Lamda) n=c/v n1sine(theta1) = n2since(theta2)

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    Having a test tomorrow, and we are suppose to have these three equations down.

    Is there any sites where I can test my knowledge of these equations, cause I have no way to see if I have it down or not, since my textbook isn't that helpful.

    I just need a site that gives me all these questions regarding the three equations!

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    I assume that there are problems in your text book. While the text may not be much help, the problems in it are probably the best way to test your mastery of these three equations. Solve some of the problems with answers in the back that involve these equations. If you get them right, you should be good. If you get them wrong, you can see where you are still weak.
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    It looks like one is describing Snell's Law, which one could find online, but I am not sure about homework problems.

    Here is an explanation -



    http://www.glenbrook.k12.il.us/gbssci/Phys/Class/refrn/u14l2b.html [Broken] - some examples

    http://buphy.bu.edu/py106/notes/Refraction.html - some examples

    http://www.physics.northwestern.edu/vpl/optics/snell.html - java applet

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