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B Calculate the power produced by a wheel

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    I am trying to calculate the power produced by this Stirling engine:
    I know there is a way of finding by measuring the pressure and temperature inside the engine but the only data I have is the weight the RPM and the weight of every part of the engine. I understand how to calculate power for a linear motion but not for a circular motion.

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    You can't calculate the power with the information provided. You need thermodynamic information about the cylinder -- the specs of the wheel are actually completely irrelevant.
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    The power produced is very low. Just enough to match friction and other losses such as air resistance in the flywheel. If it was any greater the flywheel would accelerate.
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    Perhaps you could calculate the power by measuring the torque and rpm? To measure the torque try putting weighing scales under the end like this (It's not quite that simple but you get the idea). Once you have the torque you can use...

    Power (in Watts) = torque (in Newton Meters) * angular velocity (in Radians per second)

    Sterling Engine.jpg
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