Calculating calorie with the help of pedometer

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In summary, the conversation is about calculating calories burned based on the number of steps walked and using a predefined stride length. The person is unsure of which formula to use and has seen different options with varying numbers. They are seeking suggestions for the right formula to use.
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I feel I am posting in the right section, I was trying to calculate the calories burned with the help of number of steps walked, but not sure which formula I should use.
I have a predefined stride length
so distance traveled will be (no of steps x stride length) and I know my weight, with the help of these two whether I will be able to calculate calories burned??

I saw a different range of formulas



calorie=wt(lbs)xdistance(miles)x(.029) etc

but which one is true, can anyone tell me the right formula to be used to calculate the calories burned.

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any suggestions?
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I would recommend using the formula that takes into account your weight and the distance traveled, as this will provide the most accurate estimate of calories burned. The other formulas may not take into account factors such as incline or speed, which can also affect the number of calories burned. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that any calculation of calories burned is just an estimate and may not be completely accurate. Factors such as individual metabolism and body composition can also play a role in the actual number of calories burned. It may be helpful to consult with a fitness professional or use a more advanced tracking device to get a more accurate estimate of your calorie burn.

1. How does a pedometer calculate calories?

A pedometer uses a specialized sensor to track the number of steps taken while walking or running. It then uses a formula that takes into account factors like body weight and step length to estimate the number of calories burned.

2. Can I use a pedometer to accurately calculate calorie burn for all types of activities?

No, pedometers are most accurate for walking and running activities. They may not be as accurate for other types of activities like cycling or weightlifting.

3. Do I need to input my personal information into the pedometer for it to calculate calories?

Yes, most pedometers require you to input your weight, height, and sometimes age in order to accurately calculate calories burned.

4. Are all pedometers equally accurate in calculating calories?

No, the accuracy of a pedometer's calorie calculation depends on its design and the quality of its sensor. It is best to choose a pedometer from a reputable brand and read reviews before purchasing.

5. Can a pedometer accurately calculate calorie burn for someone with a medical condition or disability?

Pedometers may not be as accurate for individuals with medical conditions or disabilities that affect their walking or running patterns. It is best to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized recommendations.

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