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Calculating Dielectric Strength between plates

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    I know that I should do my homework, but I lost all my notes because of the flood brought by "Sendong" a storm in the Philippines. I just need the equations to be used to solve the problem that was given to us. So here it is:

    A parallel plate capacitor has a capacitance of 7MF when filled with a dielectric. The area of each plate is 1.5m^2 and the separation between the plates is 1x10^-5m. What is the dielectric strength between the plates?

    please help me :(
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    Dielectric strength is to do with the breakdown of an insulator, it is measured in V/m. In Your question there is no p.d so you cannot calulate the dielectric strength.

    Using C = [itex]\epsilon_{r}[/itex][itex]\epsilon_{o}[/itex][itex]\frac{A}{d}[/itex] you can calulate the permitivity of the dielectric material. Maybe thats what your question is asking?
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