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Homework Help: Calculating fermi energyfor magnesium

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    I am trying to calculate the fermi energy for magnesium assuming two free electrons...I need to figure out N/V, the number density of conduction electrons in magnesium, then I can just plug into u = (h^2/8m)*(3N/piV)^(3/2) ... right?? So if this is correct my question is how do I find N/V..I know N/V=P/kT..I believe P is something I need to look up in the CRC but I do not have access to it at my home...any help or direction?? thank you :)
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    You find N/V by figuring out how many conduction electrons are there per unit cell for crystalline Mg. Mg has a HCP crystal structure and valence 2. This should get you started.
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