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What is Fermi energy? given the number of electrons and (L)

  1. Oct 7, 2015 #1
    hi every body

    question is :
    Consider that 5.5E22 free electrons are confined in a potential barrier of length 3.2A . find its Fermi energy ???

    the main point is that i was confident about the answer of question .. but the doctor said it is wrong .. he said i should use the relation between the number of electrons (N) to the volume (V) to get the density of charge(n) .. Even we learned that this relation used only in 3 dimensions and the question was about potential barrier which is one dimension which means that N=2n and n is fermi level and N is the number of conduction electrons .. am really con fused
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    Simon Bridge

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    Perhaps the doc expected you to interpret the problem for 3D.
    As written, it is not well worded.. i.e. particles may be confined in potential wells, not barriers.
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