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Calculating flow of air from explosive decrompression

  1. Mar 2, 2015 #1
    Hey! Making a game.

    Say we have a room of 8*12*3 meters. It has the pressure of 1 atm and suddenly there's a hole of one cubic meter in a wall and outside it's space vacuum.

    Don't know if it counts how much air is inside the room or if that would be measured in pressure, say we have enough oxygen for one person in a 8*12*3 room.

    How fast would it reach space vacuum from earth pressure? Is there some way to calculate from the volume of the room (m x m x 3, say it's always 3 meters tall ceiling) and always one cubic meter hole (some standard flowrate) with some kind of standard volume of air inside the room?

    Explosive decompression.
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