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Calculating Saturation Vapor Pressure?

  1. May 27, 2012 #1
    I'm trying to find the equations or diagrams for two types of Saturation Vapor Pressures:

    1) Pw = Saturation vapor pressure at water temperature
    2) Pa = Saturation vapor pressure at air dew point

    My solution:

    Relative humidity = (saturation vapour pressure at dew point)/( saturation vapour pressure at the existing air temperature). Since I know what the relative humidity is, I can find the SVP at dew point if I can calculate the SVP at the existing air temperature.

    From the following link;
    Question 1: Is "Pws= the saturation pressure of water vapor in moist air" equivalent to 1) or 2) or is it equivalent to "saturation vapour pressure at the existing air temperature"?

    Question 2: From the link, is pw = partial pressure water vapor equal to 1)?
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