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Calculating temperature change

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    Hello to all,

    I'm reading one article about boiler. I have found one interesting fact about air preheater used in industrial boiler. It goes something like this "Approximately 1% of fuel is saved for each 40 F rise in combustion air temperature.

    Now, since I'm in Europe, I want to know how much this is in deg Celsius.
    Just want confirmation about this:
    since Tc = 5*(Tf-32)/9, this will be Tc2 = 5*(Tf1+40-32)/9.
    This will lead to: Tc2-Tc1 = 40/9 +160/9 = 200/9 = 22.2 C
    Is this correct?
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    Yes, though since you are just doing delta-T's, you don't need to attach them to their respective scales to do the math. Just multiply or divide by the ratio: 40/1.8=22.2
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    OK, thanks
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