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Calculating Time to reach 60 mph

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    In the given table how to calculate the time 0-60 mph(seconds):cry:

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    ummm, there is certainly not enough information there to calculate a 0-60 time.

    unless you're assuming that all power is used 100% efficiently for forward motion and neglect things like friction, gearing, aerodynamics etc etc etc
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    you could probably roughly use P=E/t and E=1/2*mv², but you're going to have to get some common units.
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    60 miles = 316800 ft
    So initial velocity(u) = 88 ft/sec

    Weight = 3320 lb
    ?Mass(m) = 3320/32 =103.75 lb

    ?Any chance to get Acceleration(a) from Power:Weight = 0.13554217 hp/lb

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    well, actually your initial velocity (u) is zero and your final velocity is 60mph

    I think they actually mean mass when they say weight in lbs, especially if they're talking about a car, 3320lb mass seems reasonable.

    I'm not sure how the US units work so well, so here are the metric standards:
    Power - Watts (W)
    Energy - Joules (J)
    Velocity - metres per second (m/s)
    Mass - kilograms (kg)
    Force - Newtons (N)
    time - seconds (s)
    Acceleration - metres per second squared (m/s²)

    Try find the equivalent standard units for your unit system or convert everything to metric and try it like I wrote previously.
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    ?Final Velocity(v)=60 mph=3801600 inches/h=96560.8331 m/h=26.8224537 m/s

    ?Mass(m)=3320 lb=1505.92656 Kg

    ?Energy=1/2 mv^2=541714.97 Joules

    ?Power=450 HP=335700 Watts=541714.97 Joules / t
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