Calculation of g force on an bank of an aeroplane

  1. can anyone tell me how to calculate G force of an airplane of mass=79015, velocity=257.2 m/s turning uniformly at a radius of 100 meters.
    I use the formula as f=mv^2/r
    i dont know if its correct but i get an answer of f=52269876.376
    then i substituted in the equation f=ma .. and i got a= 661.51 m/sec^2
    finally i used G=a/g. i got G= 661.51/9.8
    and i got 67.5 g's... please help me with this problem .
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    And now you know why airplanes do not make such turns when traveling at such high speeds.

    Technically, you've only computed the horizontal component of the loading factor. If you had a smaller load, you'd have to combine it with vertical 1g due to gravity. But in this case, it won't make any difference.
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    It's simple: a plane traveling at 257.2 m/s can't turn this tightly without coming apart. Anyone aboard has already blacked out.
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