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Calculation trafo chiral multiplet

  1. Dec 29, 2009 #1

    I'm trying to deduce the suspersymmetry transformation of the chiral multiplet out of the superfield formalism. In doing this I got stuck with this:


    Here I wrote all the indices explicitly, with the undotted and dotted respectively left and right handed 2D Weyl indices (theta's anti commuting).

    What bothers me is the part in front of the paragraphs, I would like to get something like this:


    Notice that there is the contraction now in the paragraph on space time indices. I think it's not that difficult, one has to use the clifford algebra commutation relation I guess, but I don't see it coming out. Maybe tracing over it would also work. Any help would be appreciated much.


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    Ok I solved it. For those interested, use the defining equation for the clifford algebra and the fact that the antisymmetric part in spacetime indices is symmetric in its weyl indices, such that this term is zero when combined with the antisymmetry of the theta's. This gives a kronecker delta for both weyl and space time indices, giving the desired result.

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