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Homework Help: Calculations of a half loop electromagnet

  1. Apr 26, 2015 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    This is a past exam question which I just for the life of me can't figure out.


    2. Relevant equations
    My guess is that the energy of the magnetisation is equal to the gravitational energy

    Relevant Equations:
    Ems = Mass * g * δ

    Mass = ρ * ACross Section * π * r
    (not 2πr as we are only using half the loop, also cross sectional r is negligible.)

    3. The attempt at a solution

    I don't know what the energy of magnetisation is, and definitely don't know how to get to it via the current. Any relevant equations would be much appreciated.
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    The energy-density in a magnetic field, Ed = ½*B*H [ J/m3 ].

    If the (constant) B-field along the toroid is known, you calculate the H-field in the airgap from: B = μ0*H.

    Total energy in the airgap is E = Ed*(volume of airgap).

    The force in the airgap is calculated by: F = dE/ds. ( s = "small delta", (lower case delta?) )
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  4. Apr 27, 2015 #3

    Ems = ρ * A * π * D/2 * g * δ = VAirGap * Ed = 1/2 * δ * A * 2 (as there are two air columns) * Ed

    D/2 * g * ρ * π = 1/2 B * H
    D = (B * H) / (g * ρ * π)

    Then at this point I have one more question

    Do we have H = M, B = mu_0 H

    Or the Biot Savart law for B from i

    Thank you for the help
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    You cannot use Biot-Savart as you don't know how the turns of the coil are placed. Use instead Amperes law:

    The circulationintegral: ∫ Hds = N * I = 2π*RmeanH , Rmean = ½(R+r).

    I don't quite understand the text below the figure in #1, but I think that Hiron = 1.7 A/m is meant. So you don't have to calculate the above at all.

    Now assume that μr = 1000 as for iron. Then

    = μ0 * μr * H

    in the whole toroid (airgaps included). In the airgap you can find: H = B / μ0, so now B and H are known in the airgap. ( Hair = μr * Hiron ).

    (The flux in magnetizm is as current in an electric circuit: nothing will disappear, and nothing will be added: Kirchhoffs current law).
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  6. Apr 28, 2015 #5
    That makes sense!

    Thank you very much for the help Hesch!
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