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Can a frog survive at absolute zero?

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    Hello, my nickname is spoon. I am not the sharpest utensil in the silver were draw. Spoon was not available so I added a Soundgarden twist. I am a college drop out and have a chemical imbalance in the brain. Please excuse my mistakes.
    I enjoy telling jokes. Latley nerdy jokes have been my obsession. Putting my own spin on a joke would be a great feeling of owernship. Everone should know this joke. Did you hear about the chemist who got cooled to absolute zero? He is OK now. Could I add the word frog and just say he is OK? To add a deeper depth to the joke. It is comon knoledge that frogs can survive a harsh Alaskan winter. But can a frog survive at 0 Kelvin?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    As a joke you can say what you like - someone may laugh.
    But you should understand that nothing exists at absolute zero - it is not an attainable temperature.

    The frog you are probably thinking of is Rana Sylvatica - a kind of tree frog. It can survive with approximately 2/3rds of it's body water frozen.
    They don't have ot be frozen all winter like this and usually undergo several freeze/that periods while hibernating. Still, it's pretty impressive.
    Completely freezing the frog solid would still kill it. That would happen at temperatures well above absolute zero.

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