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Can anyone recommend me a good book or any internet link to study

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    can anyone recommend me a good book or any internet link to study microcontroller atmega16 from very basic to advance level iwnat to learn only one controller and someone revommend me that you should learn ATMEGA16 SO please help
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    Re: Atmega16

    Why specifically the atmega16? The AVR suite of uC's is vast and there are many choices to choose from. For you original question, I would recommend collaboration with the guys at http://avrfreaks.net for any questions that may stump you. As for material you can start with an instructibles to get going right away. http://www.instructables.com/id/Beginners-Guide-AVR-Programming/

    Most of the AVR microcontrollers have very similar characteristics and you can easily choose say an atmega328 and apply most of the same principles to each. If you are programming in C, there will be almost no difference in your code.

    What language have you decided to start learning with?

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    Re: Atmega16

    thanx chris actually i know c laguage so i will start with c the links are quite good actually someone told me that simple 8051 microcontroller does not have enough fuctionallity since iam in first year of electrical engineering my senior advised me to learn ATMEGA16 because it has i think built in "ADC" and other many built in functions and he said that if i will learn this microcontroller i will not have to learn any other controller for entire 4 years.so thats why i choose it.
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    Re: Atmega16

    Hmm, since you're a beginner, I suggest getting an Arduino Uno.

    ...Done laughing? Great.

    Seriously though, the Arduino Starter Kit is probably something you'll want to take a look at. My reasons being that
    1.) you're new to microcontroller programming,
    2.) the Arduino Uno (at least when it comes to the starter kit) comes with an ATmega328, which is a fine microcontroller to start with,
    3.) Arduinos are freakishly easy to program. No screwing around in assembly. Just upload the C-code and you're done! and
    4.) You can find a hell of a lot of resources online for the Arduino (I'm talking tutorials here).

    Just search the internet and I'm pretty sure you'll find something you'll like.
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