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Can Fortran read input data from Excel?

  1. Feb 9, 2013 #1
    I have prepared the coordinate of a pipe layout in excel.
    Now I have to input them into a FORTRAN code.
    Although I know it is possible to generate these coordinates inside FORTRAN, but working with Excel is much easier for me. Making these coordinate data inside FORTRAN is a very hard work and time consuming for me.

    I want to know is there a way to import or read the coordinates I have made in Excel, into Fortran?
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    Output the excel as a CSV file and then you can definitely read it into FORTRAN
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    Thanks. I will tr it.
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    Dear Phinds
    Thanks for your reply.
    I didn't have enough lock to succeed.
    I want to read I,x, z from excel (file='z-dir coordinates.csv') and write them into file='Tpipe-coordinates.txt'
    I use following code:

    Dimension x(279),z(279)
    open (21, file='z-dir coordinates.csv')
    open (22, file='Tpipe-coordinates.txt')
    DO 1 j=1,279
    read (21,100) x(j),z(j)
    write (22,101) j,x,y,z(j)
    1 continue
    100 format(f15.7)
    101 format (I5,3f15.7)
    close (21)
    close (22)

    But it gives error. It stops at the first read command.
    What is wrong?
    I don't know how to define tab or next cell in FORTRAN format command?
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    Did you actually save the excel file as a CSV? There ARE no "tabs" or "next cell" in a CSV file, just variables separated by commas.

    I don't know FORTRAN so can't help you with that, but you DO have to take the commas into account somehow.
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    Fortran will handle the commas (and tabs) automatically if you use "list format" input like

    read (21,*) x(j),z(j)

    There are some more bugs in your program, because you are eading x(j) and z(j), but then writing the whole of the x array (just "x", not "x(j)"), an uninitialized variable y, and then z(j). We can't guess what you want to write to the file, but that doesn't look very sensible.
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