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Can gravity be destroyed explain

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    can gravity be destroyed" explain

    "can gravity be destroyed" explain
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    Re: gravity

    Explain what you mean.
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    Re: gravity

    Not a physics person ... but it's an interesting question. Gravity results from the curvature of space. If you "straightened out" the curvature in a region of space, where would the gravity go?

    I'm sure there's a very obvious physics answer ... if someone would supply it.

    Another way to look at this ... suppose I lose weight. Then I've reduced the gravitational attraction between the earth and my body. Where did that gravity go? Yes I'm sure this is a "dumb" question if one knows the answer ... but it's still interesting. I understand that if I lost weight, that mass didn't disappear. It went out into the rest of the physical universe in the form of body heat from the cellular combustion of burning off fat, etc.

    But where did the gravitational attraction go??
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    Re: gravity

    simple answer to a simple question: no.

    We can't even shield things against gravity, nor reverse gravity in anyway.

    The only way I can potentially think of is that gravity is 'eliminated' in free fall. And by moving to the center of the earth you could significantly reduce some of its effects.

    edit: I guess if you move really far away from a gravitational source...to infinity..... you can eliminate it's effects....but that's impractical in our universe.
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    Re: gravity

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    Re: gravity

    i mean ... is that possible to create and destroy gravity? if yes?please give an example ...
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    Re: gravity

    thanks.. please send me a link to download physics ebook to clearup all those question.i.e. interesting topics of physics..
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    Re: gravity

    No,you cannot destroy gravity(gravitational force).But you can escape from the pull of the earth towards its centre by travelling at the earth's escape velocity(11.2 km/s) or greater.
    Then you will be orbiting the earth.That's the most you can do.
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