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Can I put on my resume "Applied Stats Major" instead?

  1. Feb 24, 2015 #1
    Hi, I will be majoring in Statistics at SFSU. However, while the curriculum is that of an Applied Statistics major (below is a link to a chart of the three offered emphasis, which we must choose one of out of ). Why, then, does the school call it "Statistics" instead of "applied Statistics"? And given that the curriculum is that of an Applied Statistics major, can I put on my resume "Applied Statistics with emphasis in _____ " instead of "Statistics major with emphasis in ____" ? Because I think the word "applied" makes me a much more competitive/desirable candidate (please correct me if I am wrong).

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    I think you need to put whatever will be printed on your physical diploma. Perhaps there are other ways of communicating your "applied" skills?
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    thanks for the reply. Do you have any suggestions on how i could do that?
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    To answer your original question, historically statistics was often only offered at the graduate level in many schools in the US, often as either part of the math department or part of the operations research/industrial engineering department. I would suspect that in recent years, with the recognition of a need for a separate statistics program and its applications in a variety of areas, there was a need to create a separate undergraduate statistics degree that catered to applications.

    At any rate, in your resume, you should state the degree that will be printed on your diploma. It doesn't really matter whether the degree is called Statistics or Applied Statistics. The more important thing is what skills you possess -- you can communicate those by what courses you've taken or what experiences you gained in internships (if you decide to seek it).
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    thanks for reply.

    So can i write on my resume "statistics major with emphasis in ______" or do i have to leave the "emphasis" out since it's not on the physical diploma, although it is true and could be proven by other documentation?
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    My suggestion would be to simply write the title of your degree (I presume that would be BS in Statistics). You can then either put in brackets or in a separate line "with emphasis in _________", or describe key courses you had taken in your resume, which should show potential employers what types of skills you possess.
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    i see. thank you . that cleared a lot of confusion for me.

    Also, if i take my three elective courses in computer science with business emphasis, could i write "B.S in Statistics (Business and Computer Science), or would there be a better/more accurate way to write that?
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