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Can I use 24 Volts input to a car ignition coil?

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    I'm feeding the current in pulses via 50v 6800 mfd capacitor. Will it destroy the ignition coil instantly, or will just overheat it?

    It won't be for automotive use but for general high voltage experiments. As long as instant destruction is a remote possibility, it's easy enough to mitigate overheating, and will proceed using 24V power, thanks!
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    Look into CDI ignition systems. They put short duration pulses much higher than 12 volts into ignition coils. Might give you an idea of what you can get by with.
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    Do it until you release the smoke. Wear safety glasses....

    At some point you will find the breakdown voltage of the coil secondary, but it's likely quite a bit higher than "absolutely" necessary. Duty cycle and (over) heating will be of interest. I did once use dueling ignition coils to run a spark gap, but have no memory of how hard I pushed their primaries.
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    Thanks for your responses so I guess it will likely work. I think I might make a heat sink fan for it. Pulses will be in the micro second range with much larger duration of 'no current' in between.

    I've once run several high energy pulses before in an open coil with pvc insulation. Really small gauged wires and passed 30 KV coming from a 2 liter Leyden Jar. Took only few pulses before the insulator melted and the coil shorted.

    Not sure how an ignition coil + 30 volts + capacitor would respond so thanks for sharing your own experiences. Going ahead and test it! Thanks! :D
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