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Can I work at an engineering company while going to school?

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    First off I would like to say I will be going to school in the fall for engineering. ( mechanical or electrical engineering ) I know there are many different type of engineers, so please don't say "well there are many different type of engineers" I am working as an engine, tranny tech at a car shop. My question is, will I be able to work at an engineering company wile I go to school? Again I will be starting my class's this fall. I just want to quite my job and in some way get my foot the door to the career I want. I know I cant be an intern or an engineer but I was hoping for something. Should I wait for my internship or do I have a small chance to do something at an engineering company?
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    Re: Can I work at an engineering company wile going to school?

    I don't know intern is the right word, I would not hire an engineer ":want to be" and train the person. Do you know how to read schematic, do you know how to solder, making cables harness? Start as an assembler, technician and learn. That's how I got started. I started as a technician. I studied all the circuit that was given to me, then I made suggestions. If you are good, people will listen to you and they'll give you better work the next time. That's how you move up. Nobody will hire you to train you as a trainee.

    Start low, you want to be notice, pay your dues, work hard, take on things that you are not supposed to, come up with better solution and presents to others and let the chip falls. AND remember, there is a fine line drawn between over stepping your boundary and constructive suggestion. You don't want to come out as an A$$, feel what direction the wind blows and ride along.
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    Re: Can I work at an engineering company wile going to school?

    I understand that no one would hire a "want to be engineer" I was asking if I could at least work in a engineering company as a low level nobuddy. I work now as an automotive technician and I am very good at wiring schematics. I went to a vocational school for automotive and went to a automotive trade school after high school and have been working on cars/truck/mechanics all my life. I was wondering if there were an potions that I could work that would prepare me or help me at engineering. (NOT looking too just get an engineering job without the school/work)
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    Yes, I thought I answer your question already. This usually how it works.
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