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Can java applet be as big as the browser window

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    Here's a java applet that shows the electric field of a moving charge (it's actually incorrect, it only gives a rough idea how motion and acceleration affect electric field).


    Can a java applet like this be the same size as the browser window at all times?
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    It might be a little tricky to get resizing working properly, but yes, it should be possible. If you intend to run it full-screen, though, you might as well run it with Java's appletviewer program instead.

    - Warren
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    Try using 100% for the width and height on the applet's html tag.

    It's also possible to dynamically write a Java applet's tag onto the page using Javascript. So you can obtain the window dimensions in javascript, and then write the applet's tag with the appropriate width/height (you'd need to update the dimensions on page resize, using onresize) - not ideal but it's an option.
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