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Can LTSpice's .ac statement sweep secondary values?

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    If you have a simple circuit with an AC voltage, you can do a frequency domain analysis with a statement like ".ac lin 500 10 10000" and it will run the gamut from 10Hz to 10000Hz, but is there a way to have a second variable also scale in tandem, say the value of a resistor?

    I'm aware that the step command exists, and it allows you to test multiple values, but that's one full sweep for each of those values, one at a time, and what I desperately need to is to have a second, or maybe even a third component value change along with the frequency.

    Can this be done?
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    I asked on the LTspice yahoo group; how could I make a sweep frequency dependent resistor and received the following file from the Guru helmutsennewald.
    Attached is the file.
    Remove the .txt extension to make it back into a .asc file.

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