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Can Mechanical Engineers work with Civil Engineer jobs?

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    I am currently a mechanical engineering major.
    I am drawn to the mechanical engineering major because I like physics, all science really, and I believe this degree will teach me a lot about how devices/machines/physical objects work as well as how to build/manipulate the world around me.
    And good career options.

    I recently became interested in the idea of being a traffic engineer, because I love the idea of designing roads/transportation infrastructure. It seems to have the fun design work of an architect with the cool computational work of an engineer, while throwing in some general concepts of psychology, even a touch of biology, both of which I am fond of.
    I am interested in tidbits of every area of science, and am kind of a "big picture" concepts person, so working with traffic systems seems cool to me.
    I am prepared to handle detailed work as well of course, I am just saying that I like to look at situations as a whole.

    With a mechanical engineering degree, can I get involved in civil engineering departments or firms? Civil engineering seems to be the path to traffic engineering.

    Btw, only structural engineering is offered at my school, not civil.
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    Yes. Companies like Siemens utilize a plethora of disciplines in their transportation systems division and they are not the only company doing this kind of work. Find the company you would like to work for, get in touch with them and find out what their upcoming requirements will be. Do a summer independent study in the field or take a summer course somewhere other than your current school. Ideally you will live near a grad school that offers night courses in CE or whichever discipline you decide to concentrate on.
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