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Can someone explain to me what i did wrong on this quiz? waves

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    hello everyone. I'm studying for the exam now and I understand if a wave is moving in the negative x direction to the left, the value infront of the x should be positve. But you see where he took off -1/2, because i wrote down m/s? Do you know why? its v^2, i thought that just means take the value of v, square it. should it have been m^2/s^2?

    http://img112.imageshack.us/img112/5643/lastscan4bc.jpg [Broken]

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    looks like you go to PENN STATE
    Physics 211 212 213 214

    SORRY I CANT HELP, but i thought your class looked like a penn state class 214, just got me happy! sorry lol
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    Yes, it should have been m^2/s^2. Note that the d^2y/dt^2 is in m/s^2 and the d^2y/dx^2 is in 1/m.



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    Ooo thanks topsquark!
    and yes I go to Penn state hah! I'm assuming u also went there or go?
    I'm a Computer Engineering Major, wee!
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