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A quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which players attempt to answer questions correctly about a certain or variety of subjects. Quizzes can be used as a brief assessment in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, or skills. They can also be televised for entertainment purposes, often in a game show format.

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  1. D

    Do you know the face of the physical unit you are using in your calculations?

    Here are faces of 20 classical scientists whose names are associated with physical units. Early 1600s to early 1900s. At first glance through, how many do you know for certain? Some physicsforum members will most likely know them all! (I only got 4.) Now, if you did not know them all at...
  2. Lay1

    If 1=5, 2=25, 3=125,4=1880, 5=?

    I do not know how to do that.
  3. robertphy

    Interactive lessons using PhET Sims and quizzes

    Hi, I want to write some interactive Physics lessons, where students can engage with Phet Simulations and then answer some quizzes to test their thinking along the way. Any of you did that, or similar? Please, let me know if anything is unclear. I sincerely hope you can have a great time...
  4. S

    B Udemy Quiz Question on Radians and Quadrants

    Question: Where is an angle of 10.5π radians in standard position located? A. On the positive vertical axis B. On the negative vertical axis C. In the second quadrant D. In the fourth quadrant I thought I had to divide 10.50 by 3.14, which I thought yielded 3.34π. Then I subtracted 3.34π...
  5. rinalai

    How do I accurately calculate optical cycles in a femtosecond laser pulse?

    I utilized an Ultrashort Pulse Calculator on a website (https://www.rp-photonics.com/ultrashort_pulses.html) and got the bandwidth of 9.39nm with the specifications listed above. Then divided the wavelength by the bandwidth, and it came out 85(optical cycles). However, I am not sure if it is...
  6. karush

    MHB Q1 Can you pass this 3 question AP calculus Quiz in 10 minutes

    1. $f(x)=(2x+1)^3$ and let g be the inverse function of f. Given that$f(0)=1$ what is the value of $g'(1)$? A $-\dfrac{2}{27}$ B $\dfrac{1}{54}$ C $\dfrac{1}{27}$ D $\dfrac{1}{6}$ E 6 2. given that $\left[f(x)=x-2,\quad g(x)=\dfrac{x}{x^2+1}\right]$ find $f(g(-2))$...
  7. J

    Weight Scale Logic: Solving Problems without Calculation

    [mentor note: edited for clarity] The man weighs 100kg. All constructions, ropes, universal joints, rollers, fans, etc are massless. Friction between weight scale and feet or construction is enough to hold side forces... The red line is the rope. What will the weight scale show? <100kg...
  8. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Grab Bag Science Quiz and Trivia

    Continue reading...
  9. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Inventions and Inventors Quiz - Comments

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  10. fresh_42

    Insights Match the Scientist with the Story Quiz - Comments

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  11. S

    I Quiz question: Who Dies If 'E' Pushes The Stone?

  12. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Name the Science Book Author - Comments

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  13. zul8tr

    B Quiz Question -- What happens to the cork?

    You have a glass of water with a cork floating in it. The cork is attached by a spring under some tension that is also attached to the bottom of the glass so the cork is slightly pulled deeper in the water than just by its own weight thus the cork has a bit more buoyant force. The cork always...
  14. Anshul23

    Light in a cup (Can you explain this phenomenon?)

    Can anyone explain the behavior of light I came across as I sat in my lounge this evening having a nice cup of Mocha . Hint ( I am sitting in a room with some led ceiling lights on) can you: 1.Guess how many Led lights I have on 2.Explain the appearance of light which is looking like a typical...
  15. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Can You Guess the Scientist? Unveiling the Results of a Fair Test

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  16. UsableThought

    Are you an "intuitive" or a "reflective"? Quiz sorts us out

    I've mentioned in another thread that I'm slowly reading through a bunch of books this summer on the general topic of "knowledge and expertise vs. ignorance and opposition to expertise." One of these books is The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone, by cognitive scientists Steven Sloman...
  17. EvilScientist

    Are You Creative? Test Your Creativity on TestMyCreativity.com

    Would you consider yourself creative? http://www.testmycreativity.com
  18. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights PF Insight Scavenger Hunt 2 - Comments

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  19. Greg Bernhardt

    NASA Test Your NASA Knowledge - Comments

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  20. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Think You Know Stephen Hawking? - Comments

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  21. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Name the Science Photo - Comments

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  22. Dominic Santini

    Is 'Airwolf' possible with our current technology? (Supersonic Helicopter)

    Airwolf (from the T.V show Airwolf) is a Mach 1+ helicopter capable of reaching speeds up to Mach 2. For it's time, it's weapons system was pretty farfetched (had fourteen weapons systems overall, including chaffe and flares) at it's time. I'm well aware of the limits of regular helicopters'...
  23. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights What Can You Learn About the Moon?

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  24. S

    Testing Prepare for College Life with Physics Quiz

    Hey, i have question, i am in a year to prepare us for us college life, and in our physics class the teacher say we should read a chapter then take a quiz in it then he gove us a lecture in it. So is it the system in the us?
  25. gracy

    Upside down parabola equation -- needed for a quiz

    http://www.chilimath.com/flash-quiz/algebra/intermediate/oef/odd-even-functions-quiz.html']<[/PLAIN] Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical math forums, so no HH Template is shown > http://www.chilimath.com/flash-quiz/algebra/intermediate/oef/odd-even-functions-quiz.html In this...
  26. Z

    Quiz Generator for Adaptive Learning - Khan Academy Alternative

    I am looking for a question generator that adapts to a student's level, and continues to ask basic questions as new topics are learned. Khan Academy is close, but once a subject is mastered Kahn stops giving questions on the subject, and I then tend to forget the approach to the problem. Does...
  27. L

    Second postulate of SR quiz question

    I recently quizzed physicists in my workplace with the following question: The speed c in the second postulate refers to: a) the one-way speed of light b) the round-trip speed of light c) Both d) Neither I was surprised at the variety of answers. What do you say?
  28. G

    Where Can I Find Quantum Cascade Lasers Quiz Samples Online?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get on web an exam sample or quiz or exercises, on "Quantum cascade lasers"? Thank you.
  29. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights The Isaac Newton Quiz - Comments

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  30. Ygggdrasil

    Test Your Problem Solving Skills with Fun Quiz

    Here's a fun little quiz to test your problem solving skills. It's something I'd recommend all scientists or aspiring scientists take a shot at, as I learned a lot by taking the quiz: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/07/03/upshot/a-quick-puzzle-to-test-your-problem-solving.html It's...
  31. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights It's Elemental. The Periodic Table quiz - Comments

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  32. K

    Quiz me on mechanics, help me land a job

    I've got a technical job interview tomorrow for a robotics related position. I have asked to prepare for questions as follows. "I would prepare to be comfortable answering questions on programming fundamentals and standard practices, including memory management, algorithms, and object-oriented...
  33. skiller

    "The Chase" Quiz Show -- probability of being caught by the Chaser

    Hello everybody. :) If any of you have seen the quiz show "The Chase", then you will understand the background to what I am about to describe. If not, here are wiki links for the original UK version and the similar US version. My question is inspired by the "head-to-head" or "individual chase"...
  34. gcombina

    Circular Orbit / Practice Quiz #4, Question 27

    Homework Statement What is the acceleration due to gravity at an altitude of 1.00 x 10^6 above the Earth's surface, given that the radius of the Earth is 6.38 x 10^6 m?Homework Equations Using g = GMm/r^2 Fc = mv^2/r The Attempt at a Solution Fc = mv^2/r How can I solve this equation if I am...
  35. L

    Motion of a Particle in a Plane: A Quiz

    Homework Statement If a particle moves in a plane so that its position is described by the functions x=Acosωt, and y= Asinωt, it is (A) moving with varying speed along a circle (B) moving with constant speed along a circle (C) moving with constant acceleration along a straight line (D)...
  36. R

    Career recommending quiz, took it and it got me fairly accurately

    I've taken career quizzes and usually been disappointed. This one, however, got me really nicely and it correctly got my father as a mathematician/computer programmer. http://shobia.com/career-finder Any thoughts?
  37. wolram

    A Beginner's Guide to Winning Pub Quiz Competitions

    How are you at pub quiz es, i have just joined a team and an doing quite well but to be [good] i would have to improve significantly as the amount of knowledge needed is huge.
  38. G

    Chemistry Quiz on empirical and molecular formula

    Homework Statement An unknown organic compound was analyzed in a carbon-hydrogen analyzer. The combustion of a sample of the compound produced 35.2 g of carbon dioxide and 18.0 g of water. The molar mass of the compound was found to be 116.28 g/mol. Determine the molecular formula of the...
  39. J

    Car Traveling the Circle - Kinematic Quiz

    Good evening. I'd like to first start by saying I am new to this forum, and I am a physics noob. I know that very fact will help people shy away from trying to help me answer this question. This problem (which an image is posted) is 1 of 5 questions on a take home kinematic quiz. I've managed to...
  40. P

    Probability Quiz: Variables X1 to X46, Expectation E(Xj)=0

    the variables X1,X2,... are independents and taking values 1 and -1 and their expected value E(Xj)=0 and we have Y=X1+X2+X3+...+Xn AND Z=X1+X2+X3+...+Xn+1 find the ρ(Y,Z) for n=46 i know that ρ(Υ,Ζ)=COV(Y,Z)/(σΥ*σZ) where σY = sqrt(varY) and σZ=sqrt(varZ) how i can find them because we...
  41. L

    Frustrating Exam Results Despite Perfect Homework & Quiz Scores

    I don't get it guys. 100% on all the quizes and homework. 42% on the final... Deptartment policy is that you have to get a 60% or above on the final to get a D no matter what your grade is. i understand integration by parts just fine, trig sub just fine, integration with trig functions...
  42. P

    Answer Probability Quiz: ((x1 + x2 +... + x33)^4) Monomials & Sum

    In the expansion of ((x1 + x2 +... + x33) ^ 4) how many monomials are of the form (xi ^ 2)*(xj^2) with i not equal with j if we add the coefficients of all these mononymon what is the sum? E.g. the expansion of (x1 + x2 + x3) ^ 4 the requested number is 18 this is a probability quiz...
  43. f95toli

    What is the best quiz software for language learning and retention?

    Good language "quiz" software I have -unsuccesfully for some reason- been trying to find a "quiz" type program for learning languages. The reason is that I have a 12 year old at home who struggles a bit when it comes to learning new words on his own. All I (well he) need is a program which...
  44. P

    Probability Quiz: Calculate Logarithm of Function Set from 0-9

    i would like to have some help here.. it is a problem in probabilities i can not find anyway to start finding the functions any ideas and help will be apriciated. How many functions are there from the power set of all (0,1,2,...,9) with values in total (a,b,c)? The number is too large...
  45. rootX

    Take the Narcissistic Quiz & Check Your Score!

    It's about time for a new quiz! :smile: http://psychcentral.com/quizzes/narcissistic.htm My results:
  46. Q

    Electronics Quiz Concerned with how accurately things were marked

    I am writing on this forum because I'm extremely troubled... I recently had a quiz in my "Project Lab" for which I just received my results. ...The entire course revolved around building a variable power supply. There was no theory class to support the lab. ...Before receiving the marked...
  47. G

    Quiz: Why/how does this circuit oscillate?

    I hooked up a small circuit I found towards the bottom of this url and plotted the result in a spreadsheet (figure 1). Figure 2 shows the DC-coupled output waveform at 12V input. Only the frequency changes at different input voltages. So what's going on here? Figure 1: Figure 2: Hint 1...
  48. I

    Is water a pure substance? I had a question on a quiz and it said

    Is water a pure substance? I had a question on a quiz and it said which is not correct. I answered "Water is a pure substance" and got it wrong. The correct answer was "Elements occur only in the form of atoms." Explanations please, thank you.
  49. OmCheeto

    Medical Quiz for MD/Microbiologist/Medical Ethics students

    My first foray into MS... Diagnosis? Clues: Day 3 after inoculation: Day 4 after inoculation: http://home.europa.com/~garry/2012%2003%2028%20scan.jpg"][/PLAIN] ---------------------------------- stupid faux hidden om signature message. ;)