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Can Static energy generate magnetic field?

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    Referring to following image, static energy is generated, do we detect any magnetic field around this area? If we only get pure positive or negative charge on stable object, will it generate any magnetic field?
    On the other hands, is there any digital device to measure the strength of static energy?
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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    In classical E&M magnetic fields are created by moving charges or time varying E fields, so if your source charges are stationary there should just be an E field.
    you could use a charged ball on a string like a pendulum to measure the E field.
    Or if you want to measure B fields you would use a hall probe.
    Here they calculate the charge on a ball in an E field.
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    Do you know what kind of charges on the surface of the ball? Positive or Negative charges?
    Thanks you very much for any suggestions
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    If there is no moving charge or changing field there is not likely to be detected by a stationery object like a compass. But it seems that electric and magnetism can easily transform from one to another in different reference frames.
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    no, if the observer is stationary with respect to the apparatus,

    yes, if the obserber is in relative motion with respect to the apparatus.
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    I see, no movement, no magnetic field,
    Does anyone know about this device on what kind of charges generate on the surface of the ball? Positive or Negative charges? I would like to purchase one, where can I purchase a small one?
    Thanks you very much for any suggestions
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    You can have generators which create negative charges on the surface and others which will create positive charges, you'd have to check with whoever you're buying it from :)
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