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Can strontium be used to make a super battery?

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    can strontium be used to make a super battery? Or a strontium generator?
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    RTG have been around for long time now. The heat from the radioactive decay is harnessed by a thermocouple and converted into electricity.

    Various radioactive elements can be employed with different half-lives for different applications.

    Sr90 is pretty radioactive so might be used.

    Also, it looks like scientists at Los Alamos are coming with a way to directly convert radiation into elecrity using carbon nano-tubes. Sounds very promising.

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    The bones of those of us lucky(?) enough to have been born in the 1950s have a generous helping of Sr90 from all those lovely atmospheric tests...
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    This is way overdue....the understanding and technology is in place to get on with this.
    However, in the current climate, this will be a no-no...:smile:

    We worked out one generator, theoretically, at work that would give us 640watts roughly for every terabequerel of amercium activity.
    Am-241 has a halflife of 432 years, so buying such a generator is for life....

    Big oil rules.....
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    so with all the radioactive waste from nuclear reactors can be used to power another power plant
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    Thats why they have re-processing....to reuse the waste....

    research is continuing into how they can further utilise waste for generation....problem is, most waste are products that do not give off the right stuff.....
    they are hoping to find ways that will allow them to effectively speed up the transmutation or reduce the half-life of these products to make them have further life, rather than get stuck in some ground facility somewhere....

    i'm wishing them all the success as without a doubt, its a nuclear future...
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    Holy cow! Do I have enough to become a copper-top? :rolleyes:
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    Depends where you were with regards to the fallout... :biggrin:
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