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Automotive Can the horsepower of a car be given per cylinder ?

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    say a car has 400 horsepower at the fly wheel with a V8. can you divide 400 by 8 to give 50 hp of power transmitted by each piston ? Just for a rough estimate, does it even come close to the real power transmitted by each piston or is way far off and wrong ?

    The reason why I think of this way is because, consider 1 person being able to deadlift 100 kg. Now 4 people should be able to deadlift close 400 kg together ?
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    Yes, as a rough estimate.

    If the 4 persons work together in a synchronized way, why not.
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    For an engine, the power per cylinder for each cylinder is about the same. The differences are related to the air flow differences to each cylinder due to the intake manifold design. On a car with fuel injection, the ECU could vary the fuel flow (maybe even spark advance) to each cylinder based on known factors, but my guess is most ECU's use the same fuel flow rate for all cylinders.
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    thanks for your replies.
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