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Can you help guide me?

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    i am a high school junior that lives in southern illinois. i go to a public school. i havent taken the SAT or ACT, but i have taken the PSAT/national merit scholarship and gotten a 209. I probably will be one of the valedictorians in my class.

    last year i took AP world history and got a good A both semesters and got a 5 on the AP test. this year i am not taking any AP courses. However, I am taking

    honors pre-calculus (98% first semester)
    honors physics I (100%+)
    top track - but not honors or AP - english (100%+)
    american history (98%)
    honors french 3 (100%+)
    jazz combo

    by far my favorite classes are math, science, and jazz combo. i am looking into a career in science, perhaps some sort of engineering.

    here are my questions.

    next year should i take AP Physics II, AP Chemistry II, and AP Calculus? my english teacher wants me to take Honors english but i really dont like english. i havent learned anything in that class this year...it feels like a waste of time. however, should i try to take honors english and take the AP test to get out of the class in college? i dont know if i can handle 4 AP courses, so i will have to ditch chem II if i take english.


    i have been looking into going to the University of Illinois. i was surprised to learn that they have the fourth best engineering program in the nation...only behind schools like MIT. i havent heard much talk about U of I in this forum though, so i am not sure how the experience would be. what are your opinions? what do i need to do to go to this school? i need as much financial aid as i can get, as well.

    thanks a lot i can explain things better/further if needed.

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    go to whatever university that offers you the most financial aid and is closest to home. live with your parents for 4 years. get a part time job and save every penny. do internships every summer while in college. get a masters degree in whatever field you desire- try to squeeze that as a bs/ms degree in 4 or 5 years. get a job. get married. buy a house. have kids. retire. come back here in half a century and let us know how it turned out
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    moneys not THAT big of a deal. my dad just told me we can probably afford to pay for U of I. really, the only schools in my area are junior/small colleges. i looking for the best.

    i was more worried about how good the school is/what the school is like etc.
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    You can visit www.princetonreview.com[/url] or [url]www.campusdirt.com[/url] to get some idea as to what the schools are like. And for individual professors' ratings you can go to [url]www.ratemyprofessor.com[/URL]
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