Cantilever Beam - Maximum Strain @ Deflection

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Hello Folks,

I'm after a little help here, I've been asked to calculate the maximum strain a beam is under at a certain deflection, for a part we are planning to get Rapid Prototyped

It is a rectangular beam attached to a wall at one end

I have the material data sheet for the material, the beam is 3mm wide, 3.5mm high.

It is 40mm long, with a point load at 11mm from the wall

the required deflection is 2.5mm at this point

To explain the attached image, the beam is held by the white body, and the key deflects the beam to one side to activate the snap at the end of the beam

Would appreciate any help, I'm regretting doing a BA instead of a BSC in Design when it comes to things like this!.


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