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Capacitance - Dielectric Constant Relation?

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    Does anyone know if there is a relation between a materials capacitance (C) and its dielectric constant (K)?

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    So I think I may have figured it out, and for people reading the post here is my attempt at the answer:


    [tex]K_{e}[/tex] - dielectric constant
    [tex]\chi_{e}[/tex] - electric susceptibility
    [tex]\epsilon[/tex] - permittivity of the dielectric material
    [tex]\epsilon_{r}[/tex] - relative permittivity
    [tex]\epsilon_{0}[/tex] - permittivity of free space
    [tex]C_{x}[/tex] - capacitance of the dielectric material
    [tex]C_{0}[/tex] - capacitance of vacuum

    Please feel free to correct me.
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