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Capacitance Stored Charge

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    1. Two capacitors, one 7.5 µF the other 15 µF, are connected in series across a 12-V battery. (a) Find the equivalent capacitance of the two capacitors. (b) Which capacitor stores more charge? Explain. (c) Find the charge stored on each capacitor.

    2. Cequiv = ∑C
    C = Q/V

    3. (a) Cequiv = 7.5µF + 15µF
    Cequiv = 22.5µF

    (b) Capacitors maintain an electric charge, so greater capacitance will hole more charge, resulting in a greater charge?

    (c) C= Q/V
    7.5µF = Q/12V
    Q = 90 µC

    15µF = Q/12V
    Q = 180µC

    Book Answer:
    (a) 5.0µF
    (b) Their charges are the same.
    (c) 60µC

    Not sure how they got there?
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    Charges are the same becuase its in series. Sorry, read the question wrong, if I redo everything with series, it works. I swear it said parallel.
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