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Capacitance with complex power connected to voltage, AC.

  1. Mar 15, 2013 #1
    So I'm trying to solve this kind of problem And I got stuck. Capacitor with power 2000*e^(-jPi/2) and connected to voltage u(t)=282,84sin(314*t+Pi/4). Determine the capacity. I know power is P=U*I, capacitance is C = 1 / Xc*w, from that u(t) we have that w is 314, so rearraning equation P = u^2/Xc, Xc = u^2 / P. And from eulers identity e^(-jPi/2) is actually -j1, but still can't remove sin from u.
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    In future, please try to follow the posting template.

    Why don't you write the voltage u as a phasor?
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