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Homework Help: Capacitors and charge on them Question

  1. Feb 7, 2015 #1
    Conducting sphere A and B have different radii. A is charged upto Q and B is uncharged . Two spheres are connected via wire initially open.?

    Considering spereration between them large comparision to their size answer the following ..

    1.> After the switch is closed for the first time the charge Q/4 flows to the sphere B. after this surface charge density over the sphere A and B will be in ratio. ?

    2> The switch is disconnected now and sphere A is again charged to Q . then switch is closed again. if this process is repeated infinity time , what will be the final charge on B?

    3.> In the previous process if after nth and (n+1)th time of closing of the switch ,flow of charge from A to B are Delta(Qn) and Delta(Qn+1) then delta(Qn+1)/(delta Qn ) = ?
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    Dhruv, welcome to Physics Forums. Please take a look at the Homework Guidelines and use the homework template that was provided when you created your post. Nobody is going to do your work for you. You have to show what you've tried to do to solve the problem.
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