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Math Career Choices with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics.

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    I am currently a junior in College, and for awhile now, I have had my heart set on going to graduate school to get a masters and PhD, and eventually become a professor. But lately, I have been thinking that Graduate school in math may be a bit too hard and stressful for me. What are some other career options that I have with a B.S. in Applied mathematics besides teaching at the high school level or lower?

    Sorry if this is not the right place to post this.
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    There are many options. When you say that you expect graduate school may be too difficult, which subject area are you thinking about? What are your interests in applied mathematics? There are mathematical projects I've seen and worked with in the biology field, and the actual mathematics can be fairly straightforward (considering in a Ph.D you'll spend all of your time looking at it). There are certainly numerous research areas that exist as options for you to consider, with varying levels of difficulty.

    Otherwise, I expect that you would be able to apply to many international scale companies that have graduate training programmes (companies like IBM, AT&T, NASA, Selex, Shell and so on). Generally the requirements for things like this will be for the applicant to have a physical science or the like degree, and they'll teach you what you need to know on the job. For an idea of the kind of companies and work you could look at, I would speak to your careers service to get a better idea of what your interests are.

    Some expamples off the top of my head illustrating the range will be from a business statistician, accountant to a meteorologist or working for a medical device company.
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