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Caroline Thompson Passed Away

  1. Feb 10, 2006 #1
    It is with deep regret that we write to inform you that
    Caroline Thompson passed away on Wednesday 8th
    February 2006. She had bravely fought cancer for
    several years, until she finally succumbed.

    Despite her illness she continued to work tirelessly
    for what she believed in. We still hope to get her
    final paper "The Chaotic Ball" published posthumously
    and we will keep her website open for others to read.

    She will be missed greatly by her husband John, and her children Daniel and Chloe.
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    sorry to hear about that

    i wonder.. if she just gave up that whole quantum phys idea and spent more time with her family.. if it would've been time better spent, do you think? i mean at the end you dont know if she was on to something or not, but her family is more important

    anyway i just thought id point that out.. btw i think she was wrong on a few things, but time will tell.
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    While I regret that she has passed away, her work was, well, crackpot work, and thus does not belong on this site.

    - Warren
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