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Cast iron specific heat in function of the temp

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    Hi all,

    I need the relationship between cast iron specific heat and temperature in order to perform a disc brake thermal analysis. Where could I get this data? I just need average values for a typical cast iron used for disc brakes.
    Any suggestion is appreciated

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    Scroll down to the part that says specific heat. Apparently, ductile iron is a type of cast iron. I've never liked the term cast iron very much, as it's a little confusing just what one means when they use the term. As I remember from materials science, cast iron has a high carbon content, higher than what steel generally contains.

    Anyway, this link seems to be refering to cast iron as a high carbon alloy.

    Or copy and paste link if you desire: http://www.ductile.org/didata/Section3/3part2.htm

    Note: since it gives a range, I would find the average of the range and assume that as the temperature. For instance, 20-200 C would assume 110 C. 20-300 C would assume 160 C.
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    Hi jlefevre76,

    thanks for your reply, you provide me what I need.

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