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Cellular fractal (kind of)

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    Nice...isn't it ?

    Generated with life32, rule V:s01234/b13 and one original cell...generation 440...zoom 1/2...
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    Erm... the link is broken for me.
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    john conway's game if im not mistaken.
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    --EDIT-- Ok its wierd..sometimes its broken..but it just worked for me..here..I uploaded it to my account..Voila
    http://home.attbi.com/~dav2008/images/fractcel.JPG [Broken]
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    The dimension of this fractal may be estimated by using the equation N=CrD, where N=number of fundamental units of replication, C is a constant, r is the radius of a "sampling circle," and D is the dimension of the fractal. For this fractal, a factor of three radii increases the fundamental units bounded by the circle by approximately five, yielding N=5=3D, and a dimension of approximately 1.46. (Scientific American.)
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