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Aerospace Center of pressure of a blade (NACA4412)

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    We are now finding the twist moment of the blades of wind turbine with a given point on blade sections.

    How to find the center of pressure of a wind turbine blade with the standard of NACA4412.
    What is the equation?

    Also , How to find the pressure distribution along the chord.
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    Panel method.
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    For a symmetrical section, the center of pressure is one-quarter chord length. However, for real or cambered airfoils, the answer is not as clear. There is a good section in this book that I was able to find:
    http://books.google.com/books?id=3o...q=center of pressure of naca profiles&f=false

    that explicitly has a section on pitching moment coefficient. Look at page 82.
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    That is a very good book I've referenced often.
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    Also, the table minger gave is at one AoA. I have the actual section data for any AoA on page 488 of Theory of Wing Sections by Abbot & Von Doenhoff. You should find that book and look on that page.
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