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Central Limit Theorem question

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    Hi i was wondering if you could help me with the following question people?:
    The weight of a mint produced by a machine is a random variable with mean 10gm variance 2gm^2.
    1. What is the approximate probability that a bag with contents weighing 1000g will have more than 98 but less than 103 mints?
    2. find the target weight for the contents so that there will be at least 100 mints in each bag with a probability of 0.99
    I dont know what to put for n, and how to go about answering the question help people?
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    What have you been able to do with the problem? (Even if you've only identified a formula or theorem that might be useful, and have an idea how it might be useful, that's still something)

    And what is this "n" of which you speak?
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    No, the first part of the question says that 100 mints are in a bag and give the probability that the bag will weigh between 980 and 1100 grams, i get that part cos u take n to be 100, but i dont know how ud go about answering these next few parts
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    Okay, here's a start: since you titled this "Central Limit Theorem", the central limit theorem must play some part here. What does the central limit theorem say?
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