central limit theorem

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    I Central Limit Theorem and fitting data

    I am working with a simulation which generates an arbitrary number ##n## of identical curves with different phases and calculates their (normalized) sum. As expected, the fluctuation depth of the curves decreases as we increase ##n##. Here is an example of my simulation (when ##n>1##, the...
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    I Central limit theorem, panel study

    I am doing a panel study with multiple linear regression. When I want to make sure that the residuals are normally distributed, as is a requirement for the regression model, can I assume so due the Central limit theorem (given the size is sufficient)? Or does it not apply when there is a time...
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    I think this is about the Central Limit Theorem

    1. Homework Statement An engineer is measuring a quantity q. It is assumed that there is a random error in each measurement, so the engineer will take n measurements and reports the average of the measurements as the estimated value of q. Specifically, if Yi is the value that is obtained in...