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Centrifugal force acting on fine particles

  1. Apr 21, 2015 #1
    Is there any centrifugal force acting on fine particles suspended in water inside centrifuge tubes? explain, not only by textual discussion
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    Is this a homework question. If so then it needs to go in the homework section of the forum and use the template including the part where you show your own effort.
  4. Apr 22, 2015 #3
    Actually, no, it is not a homework i just want to know if centrifugal force also acting in partcles suspended in water in centrifuge tube
    because i confused about getting the real answer. Thanks
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    Ask yourself... What is the acceleration of the particles? What does that tell you about the net force acting on them?
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    I just want to know if yes or no.
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    We're not an Q&A site. We'll help you reach the answer.
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    Yes. Here is the equation for centrifugal force friend Fc=MV^2/R. As long as there is matter with a velocity traveling perpendicular to a force then there is a centrifugal force, if the centrifuges are spinning then the particle in them should feel a center seaking force.
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