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Centripetal forces in our solar system

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    i calculated the centripetal forces in our solar system but i can't seem to find a connection
    using the centripetal force formula:


    i found out that the mean centripetal force for the planets around the sun is about 10^39,
    the mean centripetal of the moons around jupiter is about 10^21
    and the centripetal of the moon is 10^20

    i checked a few logical difference of these bodies but coulden't get a match with the mutliply factor between these numbers
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    What kind of connection did you expect to find ?
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    a connection between the masses and the mean centripetal forces or the gravity
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    Rather than complicate your task by considering all the satellites around the sun or all the moons around Jupiter, why not concentrate on a single planet or on a single moon at a time.

    Rather than looking at just one factor in determining the centripetal force, consider three factors: the mass of the primary, the mass of the secondary and the distance between the two. There is a precise relationship that can be found for centripetal force in terms of those factors.
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    so let's say europa(the moon), jupiter and the distance. i going to look into that, thanks
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